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I've been a dancer nearly my whole life, and have studied many various styles. I was just another kid gloving up here in NorCal then met many great people and friends through it. I sit at home, play games and do homework. I glove because it’s there and you can, sort of like to call a response to music. To the newer generation of glovers, do your best to be original and not be a copy of someone else, be the reason people want to get better. I got my rave name because I was wearing toms at an event and the name follows suit. My favorite artist has to be either Andrew Rayel or Laidback Luke, favorite song being Andrew Rayel - Until the End. I am a big fan of Trance and Melbourne house when it comes to EDM, but I am a fan of many accepting genres.

Name: Tommy
Team: Vivid
Glover Name: Toms
Experience: 5 Years
Gloving Style: Technical/Flow

SKY P3 Glove Set Settings:

Mode 1: Cyan-Red-Blank-White-Blank-Blank Strobe
Mode 2: White-Blank-Blank-Blank-Blank Strobe
Mode 3: Cyan-White-Blank-Cyan-White-Blank Hyperstrobe
*Please note that this is a sponsored glover profile. When purchasing this product, you are actually purchasing a 10-Light SKY P3 Glove Set and not the actual glover who is pictured in the profile. By purchasing this glove set you are showing the person that you like their glove set color settings.