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Besides gloving, I love to dance, film videos, and skate. That's basically why I'm "Skatter" because I'm a skater and [PM] Ice Kream Teddy was the one who named me. I still try to make dancing a big part of my life. I dance for fun when there's nothing to do. I'll just be somewhere and make up some random choreography when I hear a song. I glove because it's dancing and when I dance I like to feel the music. Getting them feels out with dancing/gloving is the best feeling. It's not just about your fancy moves. It's how you put your feelings into it.

Name: Ricardo
Team: Vivid
Glover Name: Skatter
Experience: 4 years
Gloving Style: Technical/Flow

SKY P3 Glove Set Settings:

Mode 1: 

Index: Cyan-Blank-Mintgreen-Blank-Blank Strobe

Middle: Cyan-Blank-Pink-Blank-Blank Strobe

Ring: Cyan-Blank-Blank-Blank Hyper

Pinky: Mintgreen-Blank-Mintgreen-Blank Ribbon

Left: Pink-Blank-Blank-Blank Hyper
Right: Mintgreen-Blank-Blank-Blank Hyper

*Please note that this is a sponsored glover profile. When purchasing this product, you are actually purchasing a 10-Light SKY P3 Glove Set and not the actual glover who is pictured in the profile. By purchasing this glove set you are showing the person that you like their glove set color settings.