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$ 44.95

The greatest moments in history -- whether tragic or beautiful -- have all begun from the introduction of a "spark". It could be as simple as a spark of creativity, a raw emotion of love, or even a great natural disaster. In the end, the world's greatest events were brought on by the simplest of foundations -- a "spark". The Spark Glove Set was designed for exciting pure creativity and emotion. Is it the music that inspires you to glove? Or is it simply the act of creating art out of nothing to fuel your own unique show? Perhaps a "spark" is all you would need to decide!


6 x LemYWhite 2-Color Strobes
2 x Cyan 1-Color Strobes

Thumbs: 2 x Cyan Solid

 Spark Glove Set by Team Vivid 

Spark Glove Set by Team Vivid

Spark Glove Set by Team Vivid