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JULY 2015 UPDATE: This orbit has the latest ArcLite Intensity chips with brightness control and new color wheel!

The SKY-P5 4-Light Orbit is quite possibly the World's most advanced and unique LED orbit! Using our new and improved ArcLite Intensity chips, you now have the ability to program unique orbits with over 10,000+ different color and mode combinations! This SKY-P4 orbit has memory just like our ArcLite Intensity Glove Set so even if the batteries are removed it will still remember your color combinations and modes!

This is a 4-Light orbit so each light can be programmed differently and with a variety of colors and patterns. Be unique and try using all the 20+ colors and 8 modes! Keep in mind that you can program up to 6 colors on any of the available modes. You do not have to program all 6 colors, you can do 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6-Color strobes, ribbons, tracers, etc.

We also have Premium Diffusers for this particular orbit that are spin-friendly which you can add as an additional accessory. These diffusers will give your LED a slightly larger cylindrical shape.

Available modes to program:

Strobe (up to 6 colors)
Hyper Strobe (up to 6 colors)
Ribbon (up to 6 colors)
Tracer (up to 6 colors)
Dots (up to 6 colors)
Inova Blink (up to 6 colors)
Stutter Strobe (up to 6 colors)
Fade (must choose 3 colors)

*Get creative by programming blanks instead of colors which could dramatically change the way the chips look and perform. For example, choose Hyper Strobe and program it using 2 colors and 4 blanks to give a strobe similar to our SKY EVO-X 5th mode, OR select Ribbon mode and program just 1 color and then double-click to exit programming, it knows you only wanted 1 color ribbon which actually makes a 1 color solid. Here is another example: if you want just a 2 color strobe you don't have to program 2 colors and 4 blanks... Simply select the 2 colors you want then DOUBLE-CLICK to exit programming for that mode. It will now be a 2 color strobe. There are so many different ways to program colors + blanks so try different combinations.

Color options:

1. Red
2. Blue
3. Green
5. Orange
6. Hot Pink
7. Lavender
8. Lemon Yellow
9. Cyan
10. Tangerine
11. White
12. Warm White
13. Bubblegum
14. Light Pink
15. Magenta
16. Lime Green
17. Mint Green
18. Light Pink
19. Fuchsia
20. Gold
21. Coral

How to program:

In the off position, press and continue to hold the power button as the chip cycles through red, green, and blue. Let go of the button on the color that you wish to program. Letting go on red means you will be programming memory bank 1, blue is for memory bank 2, and green is memory bank 3. Each memory bank is one mode with any color combination of your choice up to 6 colors unless you choose the fade mode which is 3 colors.

Lets assume you wish to set memory bank 1 to Inova Blink with only 3 colors. In the off position, press and hold the power button and when the light turns on to red, let go of the button. The chip now shows the Strobe mode. Click to browse through the other modes. When you get to the Inova Blink mode which is 6 clicks, press and hold down to store it. The light will then flash to red. Now click through each of the colors that you want to program. Press and hold down on the colors that you want. Program 3 colors of your choice and when you're done, double click to exit programming for that memory bank. The chip will now turn off.

NOTE: When browsing through the available colors try not to click so quickly because the chip may think that you double clicked to end programming. If this happens by accident, don't worry you can go back into it and reprogram the colors for just the mode you want to fix.

Now that you programmed bank 1 with Inova Blink (or whichever mode you like) you can repeat the programming steps above for memory banks 2 and 3.

How to re-program the colors (this is useful if you made a mistake and need to keep the modes but fix just the colors):

Lets say you like the modes you have already programmed but you just want to update the colors for it. From the off position, click it once to turn it on like normal. Click through the 3 modes until you find the mode that you want to change the colors for. When you get to the mode you want, press and hold down for 2 seconds until the light turns off and turns on and blinks blue 3 times and then turn on to red, now you're back in the color programming mode for just that mode. Same features apply here, you can program up to 6 colors or blanks. If you program less than 6 colors, program your colors you want and then double click to exit programming.

How to do a master reset (return to factory defaults):

In the off position. Press and hold the power button down for two complete red, green, blue cycles. The chip will then blink 3 times to confirm that all memory banks have been reset. The chip will then turn back on to bank 1 and display the Strobe mode. You can now reprogram everything from the beginning.

Turning off the chip + new Last mode memory:

When you are done using the light, press and hold down for 1 second to turn it off. The chip remembers the last mode you were on so when you turn it back on, it goes back on to the last mode you were using.

Easier than it sounds:

Programming the Prodigy 3 chip may seem difficult because it is so advanced but it is really simple once you have the chip and start programming your modes and colors. The key is to remember that if you mess up half way through your programming that it can easily be reprogrammed without having to reset the other modes. If you are in the middle of programming the colors for your modes and noticed you selected the wrong colors just double click to end programming and turn the light on and go to the mode you messed up on and proceed with the steps above on "How to re-program the colors".

What you're going to get:

4 x ArcLite SKY Intensity Chips (New PCB board + Clear Bulbs)
4 x JellyDotz 2.0 Housings
2 x 2mm Satin Cords (your choice of color)
1 x 4-Light OrbitAdapter with Lifetime Warranty
*Everything completely assembled with brand new CR1616 batteries.