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My personality consists of... Hey what's that! Well you guessed it randomness... Favorite hobbies to do: Read, read, glove, play music, and more... My favorite food is anything that will digest inside me. I glove because it shows how I can express my emotions. My favorite song would have to be Adventure Club - Youth. One thing that people do not know about myself is... When I'm home alone I like painting myself orange, going to a garden, and pretend I'm a carrot...

Name: Oscar
Team: SEL
Glover Name: Grouch
Experience: 2 years
Gloving Style: Dat Flow Like Lava

SKY P3 Glove Set Settings:

Mode 1: Pink-Blank-Aqua-Blank Dots
Mode 2: Pink-Blank-Aqua-Blank-Blue Hyper
Mode 3: Blue-Red-Yellow Strobe

*Please note that this is a sponsored glover profile. When purchasing this product, you are actually purchasing a 10-Light SKY P3 Glove Set and not the actual glover who is pictured in the profile. By purchasing this glove set you are showing the person that you like their glove set color settings.