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$ 44.95

Quantum Glove Set

Lights shows aren't just a simple physical interaction between the Glover and his audience, but more like kaleidoscope of sounds and artistry formed into one. Why is it that something as simple as LED lights radiating from finger tips can have such an impact on a person? Simple, it is something cosmic! Like a shamanistic ritual, a light show can be perceived as more healing than visual. The audience gets entranced and soothed by the movements of the Glover. We designed this glove set for the purpose for recreating that state of relaxation. We are bringing lightshows back to its primal form with the introduction of the Quantum Glove Set.

6 x MintGreen-Lavender-Red 3-Color Strobe
2 x Lavender Solid

Thumbs: 2 x Red Solid