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The ArcLite is our latest and most confortable housing yet! When glovers are looking for a housing that isn't too small but isn't too big, this is it. Its perfect size makes it the true one-size-fits-all light. If you're looking for a housing that doesn't slip and a housing that is easy to click, ArcLites is your best choice! Currently, our ArcLites use ArcLite 1-mode and ArcLite 5-Mode EVO-X chips where you can customize and install any of our LED bulbs into it. However, get ready for a a whole new series of compatible programmable ArcLite SKY chips releasing soon which come with LED bulbs attached and allows you to program any color you want!


In the lightshow industry one mistake made by companies is the belief that smaller is better.  We have seen this to be a misconception as the smaller the housing gets, the less comfortable they are to use.  So we first looked into making the housing the perfect size and developed the ArcLite to be larger in order to allow more surface area for clicking. Then we made sure there was enough room to work with both CR1616 batteries and CR1620 batteries.  This is the best size housing in its class.


Using a soft thermoplastic material which actually softens and hardens depending on body temperature, our ArcLite housings adjust and conform to the glovers fingers inside each glove.  In addition, the housings rubberized construction makes so the housing feels smooth and soft to the touch.


We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our ArcLite housings* If they tear or break from other than normal wear and tear, we can replace them free of charge. Simply send the defective units back to us for replacement.

ArcLite Casing / Housing Overview: