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$ 44.95

Many may think having lights on the palms and lights on the back of the hands may be a little too much, but as you can see in this 14 light glove set, it works out quite well. This particular Puppeteer Glove Set will come with the 8 lights for your fingers as listed below, but you can customize it by adding thumb lights as well!  If you would like a full 14 light Puppeteer Glove Set, be sure to take a look at the Puppeteer Deluxe Glove Set package which includes all 14 lights, a 4-Light OrbitAdapter, and 2mm Satin Cord.  In the deluxe package the 4 JellyDOTZ lights in the palms and on top of the back of the hands are also compatible as an Orbit!

This glove set is built with the following:

2 x Rose Pink 1-Color Strobes
2 x PiWG 3-Color Strobes
2 x Lime Green 1-Color Strobes
2 x PuWG 3-Color Strobes

Optional Thumbs:Turqouise Solid MicroNovas