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$ 99.95

Can't decide on what to get?  We know with our large selection of Glove Sets and Orbits it may be sometimes hard to decide.  Not sure if you want a Glove Set or Orbit?  Why not both!

The Puppeteer Deluxe Package Set, is a complete ALL-IN-ONE 14-Light Glove Set and Orbit package.  You will find it very easy to turn your Glove Set into an Orbit at anytime!  This is the perfect gift for someone or for yourself.  This package includes all lights fully assembled and upgraded to EVO-X chips!

You're basically getting the Puppeteer Glove Set with ALL the upgrades to the glove set including both thumbs, and all 4 palm lights (tops and bottoms) and on top of that an OrbitAdapter and Satin Cord so you can transform the glove sets palm lights to an Orbit and back to a glove set easily, for a cheaper price than buying everything separately!

This glove set is built with the following:

2 xPink-White-Green 3-Color Strobe Micromax or Microskinz
2 x Rose Pink 1-Color Strobe Micromax or Microskinz
2 x Purple-White-Green 3-Color Strobe Micromax or Microskinz
2 x Lime Green 1-Color Strobe Micromax or Microskinz
2 x Blue Solid Micronova Jelly Dotz  w/Palms Clips (Back Palms)
2 x IMAX 7-Mode Jelly Dotz w/ Palms Clips (Front Palms)
2 x IMAX Hyper Strobe Micormax or Microskins Microlights (Thumbs)
10 x Jelly Diffusers
1 x White Glove
1 x 4-Light OrbitAdapter
2 x 2MM Satin Cord