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$ 44.95

Prophecy Glove Set

Have you ever seen a performer, athlete, or musician work his craft so well that it is almost as if he/she is “possessed?” Have you ever witnessed such a graceful performance that your eyes seemed to deceive you? Dazzling acts that enthrall an audience have most commonly been compared to an act of magic. Sweetelights wanted to take that concept a step further with the creation of our newest glove set – the Prophecy Glove Set. We wanted to combine colors that were so pleasing to the eye; your audience might mistake your show as an illusion. We wanted to dazzle! Try on a set and conjure artistry on a whole new level!


4 x Green-Purple-Orange 3-Color Strobe
4 x LemonYellow-White-Turquoise 3-Color Strobe
Thumbs: 2 x SKY X