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Our PrizmLaces is a breakthrough in LED lace technology. Powered by our Sky chip technology and using real fiber-optic laces, the transmission of light maintains its brightness continuously and throughout unlike the other LED shoelaces on the market. Beware of other LED shoelaces that are limited to just 1 or 2 colors. 

Our advanced PCB board currently has 20 colors + a blank to choose from and 13 flashing modes and a bonus 14th mode which cycles through each of the 13 modes every 10 seconds, and can easily be programmed in a few seconds. By default, the Prizm Laces are preset to red, green, and blue. In programming mode you will be able to browse through 20 colors and choose program any 3 of your choice!

Color Options to program from:

1. Red
2. Green
3. Blue
4. Blank
5. Hot Pink
6. Orange
7. Yellow
8. Pink
9. Cyan
10. Magenta
11. White
12. Light Blue
13. Peach
14. Mint
15. Tangerine
16. Lavender
17. Violet
18. Pearl
19. Gold
20. Fuchsia
21. Coral

Complete Pair of PrizmLaces:

2 x PrizmLaces housings installed with brand new CR2016 batteries (for both left and right shoes)
2 x Real fiber optic laces (can be laced and then cut to any size shoes)

*PrizmLaces already come installed with batteeries but when they need replaceing you will need 4 x CR2016 (two for each shoe)



Each housing enclosure comes with brand new batteries installed so you can install them and use them right away! Fits on any shoe size and can be cut to any length...



PrizmLaces are made for everyone with virtually any size shoe and for any situation that calls for extremely cool light-up kicks...

• Bikers 
• Skaters
• Dancers/Performers
• Runners/Joggers
• Hikers/Backpackers
• Kids
• Concerts/Festivals/Church Groups/Schools
• Sports Teams

It can also be used as...

• Safety Light
• Pet Collar
• Accessory: bracelet, necklace, headband, hair accessory, anklet
• Lining: backpacks, caps, glasses
• Holidays: New Years, July 4th, Christmas, Halloween
• Gifts/Stocking Stuffers



How does it work?

When the PrizmLaces are first powered on, the default programmed colors will be red, green, and blue. Each click of the button will go through the different flashing modes using the three programmed colors. You can program and reprogram any 3 colors you want whenever you want.

Here is a graphic to help understand the current available modes assuming that red, green, and blue are programmed for colors #1, #2, and #3 respectively:


Mode 1: 3 Color Hyper Flash

Mode 2: Rainbow Fade

Mode 3: 3-Color Ribbon

Mode 4: Tracer

Mode 5: Hyper Flash (using color #1)

Mode 6: Hyper Flash (using color #2)

Mode 7: Hyper Flash (using color #3)

Mode 8: Solid On (using color #1)

Mode 9: Solid On (using color #2)

Mode 10: Solid On (using color #3)

Mode 11: Blink (using color #1)

Mode 12: Blink (using color #2)

Mode 13: Blink (using color #3)

Mode 14: Demo Mode

One of our favorite mode! Blinks 3 times to indicate that demo mode has been activated, then it goes to mode 1 and changes thru each mode every 10 seconds. This is good for when you're at an event and you want your laces to display all the modes!

To turn off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

Using a long exposure setting on the camera here are some photons of the modes in action:

How to Program the PrizmLaces:

In the off position, press and hold until the light turns on to red. Now you are in programming mode. Each click of the button cycles through the colors. You can program any 3 colors that you like. To program the 1st color press and hold down until the light turns off and turns back on to RED. You have now programmed the 1st color. Now find your 2nd color and press and hold down to set that as your 2nd color. Do this for the 3rd and final color. The light will turn off completely. Now press once to turn it back on. Now you can cycle through the 14 modes and see the colors that you programmed in action!


We recommend changing batteries when the light starts to go dim. If the light stops working, 1) the batteries may be dead, and needs to be replaced or, 2) The battery tray needs to be readjusted, push out the tray with your fingers and and the batteries re-aligned and reinserted. The battery tray can be pushed out with your finger easily and batteries replaced without any tools.


We offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on this product. You can return it to us for a replacement/repair if you feel you have received a defective lace. We do not cover normal wear and tear and can only replace/exchange the housing and chip units inside.

Note: This is for a complete Set (2 fiber optic laces, 2 PrizmLaces housings with brand new batteries, ready to install into a pair of shoes)