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$ 64.99

Primordial Glove Set

We have come a long way from the creation of light shows -- specifically gloving. Simple color patterns, such as RGB's and BWG's, was the norm back when gloving was in its infancy.It is now 2012 and colors have become much more complex and intricate -- varying through a full array on the color spectrum. Dozens of different shades and tints now saturate the market. Though, the world of light shows has grown far from its vanilla days, we offer the "Primordial Glove set" as homage to the simpler days -- as a remembrance of how far we have come. 

This set is an 8-Light SweetEVO gloveset. Add thumbs to create a more complete glove set. 

4 x Red-Green-Blue 3-Color Strobe 
2 x Red-White-Green 3-Color Strobe
2 x Blue-White-Green 3-Color Strobe
Thumbs: 2 x IMAX 7