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I was a hobbyist for a lot of things growing up, including fixed gear free style and break dancing. It kept me busy when I wasn't occupied with school and family. Eventually I came across gloving in late 2011 and ever since then it's stuck with me. It's fun, and I think it's a cool way to display your interpretation of the music you listen to. When you glove, feel the music, and accentuate your moves to that feeling, it'll feel a lot more satisfying to give a show that way. My rave name was given to me by Toms, at Swedish House Mafia's One Last Tour, Meric for the a-Merica-n flag patterns that were prominent in the stage lightshows that night. I love trance, Myon & Shane 54 would have to be my favorite duo.


Name: Kevin
Team: Phase.One
Glover Name: Meric
Experience: 3 years
Gloving Style: Flow/Technical

SKY P3 Glove Set Settings:

Mode 1:
Index: Cyan-Blank-White-Blank 3-Color Hyper Strobe x2
Middle: Blue-Blank-White-Blank 3-Color Hyper Strobe x2
Ring: Lav-Blank-White-Blank 3-Color Hyper Strobe x2
Pinky: Red-Blank-White-Blank-Blue 3-Color Hyper Strobe x2
Thumbs: Red-Blank-Mint Green-Blank-Orange Hyper Strobe x2

*Please note that this is a sponsored glover profile. When purchasing this product, you are actually purchasing a 10-Light SKY P3 Glove Set and not the actual glover who is pictured in the profile. By purchasing this glove set you are showing the person that you like their glove set color settings.