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$ 14.95

This is currently the best microlight for orbits if you're looking to add a "dots" & "stars" effect to your lightshow! Although this is actually a high-end general purpose keychain flashlight, we have used them for our raving needs for years!

The easiest to use, most powerful, full-featured LED micro-light available! Single-button operation provides full range brightness control plus safety strobe beacons. Fully water resistant and includes the popular Photon hands-free clip & necklace clip, at no additional charge. Ready for any daily need or emergency, the Photon Freedom Micro personal flashlight features simple, intuitive single-button operation to provide quick, easy access to the features you use most, with additional mode settings available only when you need them.

Simple & intuitive single-button operation -- Easy operation even with gloves.

  • Instant full power on/off at any time
  • Full range brightness control.
  • 4 Safety modes: Slow - Medium - Fast - SOS.
  • Signal / Morse Code mode
  • 4.5 Lumens* -- Brightest LEDs available. Plenty of light to illuminate any path, or to light up an entire room indoors.
  • Waterproof -- waterporoof to IPX-7 standards.
  • 18+ Hour Run Time -- Energizer lithium batteries provide long lasting service even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • Replaceable Batteries -- Quick, easy battery replacement.
  • Weighs only 7 grams -- micro size & weight to travel with you everywhere you go.
  • Ultra-Tough -- Built to survive serious use! The combination of Photon's unique glass-filled polyurethane body & unbreakable LED bulb make for a virtually indestructible light. 24k gold-plating on all battery & switch contacts ensures rock-solid reliability.
  • Quick Release keyring -- Reliably attaches to gear for quick release. 
  • FREE Accessories! (a $4.95 value) -- Photon Hands-Free Clip & Necklace clip included with every Freedom Micro.
  • Made in USA -- from US & foreign parts.
  • Photon Lifetime Guarantee 

Every Photon Freedom order includes the Photon Necklace clip and Hands-Free clip.

Just snap any Photon Micro-Light into the cradle of this little clip to mount it for hands-free operation. Turn your micro-light into a miniature headlamp by clipping it to the brim of a baseball cap, to the frame of your glasses, or mount it anywhere else that is convenient. Four powerful magnets built into the base of the clip add even more versatility. The cradle is designed to accept any Photon Micro-Light*, with or without the key ring attached. Features an adjustable pivot joint to allow you to point your light right where you need it.

The included Photon Necklace clip allows you to carry your Photon light conveniently around your neck. The Photon light snaps firmly into the specially designed cradle, yet can be removed at a moment's notice when you need to use your light.

Clip Compatibility:

Photon Micro-Lights include the Photon Micro-Light I, Photon Micro-Light II, Photon II Pro, Photon Freedom Micro, and all of our Ultra Bright Keychain Lights.


Use 1 x CR2032 battery in your Red, Orange, Yellow and Infrared Freedom micro. Use 2 x CR2016 batteries in every other color such as White, Blue, Green, Aqua, Purple, etc.

LED Bulb Compatibility:

Solids and frosted solids ONLY! (IC Bulbs such as strobes and ribbons will not work)

Changing Batteries:

Tools needed: Ball point pen or small pointed tool.

  1. Place the light with the logo side up.
  2. Insert the tool under the tab on the cap and carefully pry up to remove the cap.
  3. Use the tool to help remove old battery or batteries from the case.
  4. Replace the new battery or batteries into the case positive side up.
  5. To replace the cap, align the tab and snap shut.