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$ 34.95

This is where you can give light shows like a pro but without spending too much money! Great for beginners or someone just starting!

2 x Aqua 1-Color Strobes
2 x UV Purple 1-Color Strobes
2 x Pink 1-Color Strobes
2 x Warm White 1-Color Strobes
2 x Pink 1-Color Strobes

Built with our high quality OrbitSkinz G2 housings but we are able to cut costs for you by using our first generation OrbitSkinz 1-Mode chips.  Our first generation 1-Mode chips work just like our Micromax 1-mode chips but will only work in our OrbitSkinz housings because the button on the chip is a dome button as opposed to a clicker button.  Don't break the bank yet if you're a beginner, this budget glove set is your solution! 

 Like all of our glove sets it comes with gloves and batteries!