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$ 14.95

Budget Orbits are great orbits and are made affordable so you don't have to break the bank! These are great for beginners and as gifts.  This orbit has a deep UV purple and turqouise (aqua) combination which reminds us a bit of the character "Kitana" from Mortal Kombat.

This orbit is built with the following:

2 x UV Purple
2 x Turquoise
2 x Satin Cords
1 x OrbitAdapter

All of our orbits will come assembled with our OrbitAdapter!

Upgrading the Housings and Chips

This orbit comes with basic DOTZ housings which means the housings are held together by 4 screws and turns on/off by a small switch. By upgrading to the newer version DOTZ2 housings, you will be able to change batteries and LED bulbs very easily, no screws necessary! Upgrading the housings also upgrades the chip to an electronically controlled on/off button.

The 1-mode chip option means it is a simple ON/OFF operation, while the 6-mode Freedom chip option gives you 6 brightness settings that produce the "dot effect" you see from our Photon Freedom microlights. The "dot effect" gives your orbit a very cool effect and completely changes the way your orbit looks at a fraction of the cost of a Photon Freedom Orbit.

Here are sample photos of the "dot effect" you can achieve:

Please note the colors used in these sample photos are different than the product's colors. If you like these colors they are: UV Purple, Blue, Turquoise, and White. You can build your own custom DOTZ2 Freedom Orbit here: 4-Light DOTZ2 Freedom Orbit