Kinetic Glove Set (Clear Bulbs)
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The Kinetic Glove set is the first of its kind to feature an accelerometer! This allows the light to dynamically react to your movement. It comes with 6 modes (4 accelerometer and 2 classic programmable modes). The Kinetic comes with 20 colors plus a blank and is very efficient, using two CR1620 batteries in each light (batteries included!) will provide up to 15 hours of face-melting light shows!

For beginners, the Kinetic is able to teach you the basics of gloving. It introduces you to the concept of speed control (with Multi Mode), musicality (with Kinetic Mode), and angles (with Geo Mode). If you want to grow and learn quickly, this is perfect for you.

For advanced glovers, the Kinetic has features you won't find in any of the current chips out there. It takes the simplicity of programmable chips that you are already familiar with and combines them with the latest revolutionary technology. With the Mode Control features, True Tint Control and our patent pending Accel Technology, it is the most customizable Microlight on the market, letting you fully control your modes and shows.

If you need to purchase the chips only, you can check out the Kinetic Chip page here:

Full Overview:


20 Colors plus BLANK:


Mode Control Features:


Accelerometer Mode 1: Kinetic


This mode was inspired by all the awesome flow glovers in the community. This one's for you! You can actually SEE the speed of your flow. The colors change the faster you go: the first color will be strobed when you are still or moving slowly. As you go faster, the strobes fade into the second color. Faster still, and the second color fades into the third. Try making one of the colors a blank for some magical-seeming effects.



 Accelerameter Mode 2: Geo


Time to learn about angles in our favorite class -- Geometry. We know you, you're the type of person who is tutting during class, tutting when driving, tutting when...everything! Take your tutting and digits to the next level with Geo mode. When the Kinetic is pointing up, it strobes the first color. As you tilt it towards level, it fades into the second color. Dip below level, and the second color fades into the third. If you only picked two colors, level will be an equal blend of the two chosen colors. As you move faster, the Kinetic will change into a three color strobe using the colors you chose. Geometry class was never this fun.



Accelerameter Mode 3: Multi Mode


Ever record a show just to find out that you weren't going the speed you thought you were? Want a multi-color strobe where you can easily choose the idle color with one click? Easy as 1-2-3. The strobe gets more colors as the movement speeds up: when still or moving slowly, the first color selected is strobed. Go a bit faster, and the second color is added. Faster still, and the third color, if there is one, is added to make a three-color strobe.




Accelerameter Mode 4: Spectrum


 Your liquid will never look the same. Spectrum mode was created in our color laboratory with help from the leprechaun using the magic of the rainbow. Follow the rainbow to its end and you'll find...a secret strobe! When still or moving slowly, the Kinetic gently fades through all the colors of the spectrum. Speed up, and it suddenly becomes a fast strobe of the three colors you've selected.




Classic Modes 5 & 6: Sandbox



 We believe that no matter how hard we try, the best modes will come from creative glovers like you! In our Sandbox modes, you can play around and create any mode you can think of, or recreate any currently available mode. The Kinetic creates a quick ribbon of up to twelve colors of your choice with gaps wherever you select a blank. This allows recreating almost any strobe, ribbon, tracer, strobie, and more. With True Brightness Control, the power is truly in your hands to create anything you can think of!




This is a full 10-Light glove set which comes complete with 10 Kinetic Microlights, 20 fresh CR1620 batteries, brand new gloves, and housings. Completely assembled and ready to go! Just in time for your Summer festivals!