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$ 44.95

Just like your favorite DJ, a Glover is also an entertainer. Wielding LED lights and a pair of gloves instead of an instrument, the Glover becomes the center of attention when performing. They can bring smiles and awe to its audiences. It was for this reason why we decided to theme our latest glove set, the "jester" glove set, around the concept of the most historical entertainers of them all -- the Jester. Similarly, Glovers and jesters are not that different. Both were meant to entertain and excite -- lifting the feelings of those unwell or scattered. Try them out for yourself and bring a smile to someones face!


4 x VioletWhite 2-Color Strobes
4 x AquaWhite 3-Color Strobes

Thumbs: 1 x Lavender and 1 x Aqua Solid