10-pack Jelly Diffusers Clear
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Have you ever wondered what the off-spring of a Closed Diffuser and a Premium Diffuser would look like?

We made it happen!  Introducing our JELLY DIFFUSERS!  They are larger than the standard closed diffuser and produces an "Angel Eyes" effect!  They are made of soft PVC just like our OrbitSkinz and MicroSkinz housings.  They are made to stretch and won't get stuck to your LED bulbs no matter which LED bulb or rave light you put it on.  Out with the old, in with the new!


Works on all your rave lights, microlights, and LED Bulbs!  If you are currently using any closed, open, or premium diffuser, these will fit!

These things will crystallize your rave lights and offer unmatched clarity and color!  Old frosted diffusers just won't cut it anymore.

Also known as Jellie-O's, because these premium closed diffusers make it so your light has an "O" ring-effect around the LED bulb which is diffused from the center.  Upgrade your lights with these, you will not be disappointed!