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$ 10.95

This Mini POI BALL is freaking awesome! Comes with an adjustable string with small grip holder. The ball can be removed very easily to replace and add other attachments that we will have in soon. 

Uses two 1620 batteries and comes loaded with the IMAX SP chip! This allows you to custom make any color mix you want!

Now you can custom make your own multi color and multi modes mix from a list of 29 great colors. Features that will give glovers the ability to make a chip do what they want and not just what is pre -programmed. This is a very simple IMAX chip to use! Now you can make any colors for each mode or any effect on each mode. Make effects like the stutter strobe, hyper strobe, 1-2 strobe, 2 color strobe all from only 7 easy to program modes! 

IMAX SP Chip Details:

The all new IMAX SP Chip is here!  Call it the SP, call it the Super Pro, call it the SuPerb, call it whatever you like but we think its rave name should be Momma!

This chip gave birth to all the other IMAX chips... it should of been called the IMAX-M as its currently the mother of all IMAX chips.  It has all the other IMAX models in one plus a new true RAINBOW mode!  But its really easy to program and you can select different colors for different modes as well as choose how many modes you want to use.  Let us explain how it all works... 

Here is a list of modes that this chip has built in for you to select from:

Strobe - up to 6 colors

Hyper - up to 4 colors
Dops - up to 6 colors
Tracer - up to 4 colors
Ribbon - up to 4 colors
Hyper Flash - up to 4 colors
Fade - colors cannot be modified
Rainbow- colors cannot be modified 

You can choose as many or as few as the modes above and you can select different colors for each of the modes.  So if you wanted your chip to have just three of the modes above you can do that, and if you want each of those three modes to have 3 or 4 different colors each, you can do that as well!  This chip is very advanced and it has memory so even if you take out the batteries, it will still remember your settings.  The colors you can choose from below for each mode (except Fade and Rainbow mode):

Here are the list of colors you will be able to program:


Red Blue Green White Pink
Light Pink Silver White Peach Yellow
Cyan Lavender Pink Hot Pink
Lime Green Blank / Gap Blue-Pink Candy Cane Red-Orange Candy Cane
Pink-Red Candy Cane Pink-Red-Orange Candy Cane Red-Orange-Pink Candy Cane Red-Pink Candy Cane
Pink-Blue Candy Tracer Cyan-Pink Candy Cane Sky Blue-Green Candy Cane Red-Pink Candy Cane
Pink-Blue Candy Cane Pink-Green Candy Cane Red-Pink Candy Cane Cyan-Blue Candy Cane
  Cyan-Green Candy Cane Orange-Pink Candy Cane  


To Program:

1. While light is off, hold button down for 1.5 seconds and light will go into program mode. The first programmable mode will light up. (Strobe)

2. Click through the 9 programmable modes to find a mode you want to program.

3. Once you find one hold the button down and the light will now allow you to choose the colors you want for that mode.

4. Click through the colors to find a color then hold to save that color. The light will now turn RED to allow you to save the next color. Repeat this until all colors are chosen for that mode.

5. After you have programmed the colors for a mode the light will go back into mode selection to allow you to choose another mode or to allow you to stop programming and jump out of programming.

6. To jump out of programming you simply double click. (only in program selection will this work, not color selection)

7. During normal on usage shut off light by holding button for 1.5 seconds. 


Mode 1 STROBE ( allows 6 color choices) (must choose 6 colors )

Mode 2 HYPER STROBE (allows 4 color choices) (must choose 4 colors)

Mode 3 DOT STROBE (allows 4 color choices) (must choose 4 colors)

Mode 4 TRACER (allows 4 color choices, 1 background 3 dot colors) (must choose 4 colors)

Mode 5 RIBBON (allows 4 colors choices) (must choose 4 colors)

Mode 6 EXTENDED RIBBON (allows 3 colors) ( must choose 3 colors)

Mode 7 FADE (no color selection)

Mode 8 RAINBOW (no color selection)

Mode 9 ONE COLOR STROBE / BLANK MODE ( also if you program blank color this becomes a blank or off mode)


For mode5 if you program 1 color and 2 blank colors it becomes quick flash like mode 2 of the micromax 3 mode chip.

For mode2 if you program 1 color,blank,1c,blank it becomes a hyper flash.

For mode1 if you program 2 of each color so RRGGBB then you have stutter strobe.