IMAX Hyper Chip
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$ 1.00

IMAX Hyper Strobe lets you create your own custom 4 color Hyper Strobe!

List of colors this IMAX comes with (built in, you do not have to purchase anything else, this chip has all these installed into it): 

Red, Blue, Green, White Pink, Light Pink, Silver White, Peach, Yellow, Cyan, Lavender, Pink, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Blank

To Program:

When the chip is in the off position, hold for about 1 second until it lights up Red.  Now click until you have the desired color and then press and  hold for 1-2 seconds until it blinks off and back to Red.  Repeat this until you have selected all 3 colors.  Remember, you can select BLANK as one of the colors now!  Light turns off and next time you turn it on, you will have your custom 3-Color IMAX 1-Mode chip!  Light will hold these 3 colors in memory until the batteries are removed.