IMAX Dots Chip
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IMAX Dots is also known as IMAX Dops.  Instead of a more rectangular look that the standard strobe produces, it makes dots!

List of colors this IMAX comes with (built in, you do not have to purchase anything else, this chip has all these installed into it): 

Red, Blue, Green, White Pink, Light Pink, Silver White, Peach, Yellow, Cyan, Lavender, Pink, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Blank

To Program:

When the chip is in the off position, hold for about 1 second until it lights up Red.  Now click until you have the desired color and then press and  hold for 1-2 seconds until it blinks off and back to Red.  Repeat this until you have selected all 3 colors.  Remember, you can select BLANK as one of the colors now!  Light turns off and next time you turn it on, you will have your custom 3-Color IMAX 1-Mode chip!  Light will hold these 3 colors in memory until the batteries are removed.