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Glow Gloves are made with the next generation of glow powder which enables the gloves to glow all night with a proper charge. (This powder is embedded in the glove during manufacture and does not come off or wear out.) There are two basic glow-in-the-dark (GID) powders. The older style that has been around for many years is Zinc Sulfide with Copper as an activator.

Everyone has seen products made with Zinc Sulfide, for example - those old GID stars for kids rooms. We know what's on your mind - they didn't glow for very long back then and they don't glow for very long now. Fortunately, due to a new advance in GID technology, recently a new GID powder has been developed. The newer style is Strontium Aluminate with Europium as an activator. The powder is a non-radioactive phosphorescent pigment with extreme afterglow. The afterglow is about 10 times longer than conventional pigments and about 10 times brighter. The green glow has a wavelength of 520nm.