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$ 44.95

The face of gloving has changed since its inception just a few years ago. In its infancy, Glovers were more organic -- reacting to the emotion brought out by the music. Those who laid the foundation for modern day Glovers had no structure in their shows. We jump to the present day and the amount of intricacy and technicality involved into light shows has dramatically increased. The amount of complexity and dexterity required for todays lightshows have immensely increased! We designed the Dexterity Glove Set for all the technical Glovers out there! Whether you prefer Tuts over flares, this glove set will compliment your light show.


4 x CyAq 2-Color Strobes
2 x AqPurp 2-Color Strobes
2 x VioletB 2-Color Strobes

Thumbs: 2 x Sky Blue Tracers