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$ 44.95

Demolition Glove Set

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have the energy and intensity of an explosion in your fingertips? If so, the Demolition Glove Set will be your best choice for destroying the senses and minds of your audience. The colors you see before you were carefully selected in order to maintain that explosive vibe. Here at Sweetelights, we love crazy and dynamic colors! Grab a pair of these bad boys now and lay a path of waste as you provide mind-blowing insanity to all who dare to watch!


4 x HotPink-LimeGreen-Blue 3-Color Strobe
2 x LimeGreen-Hotpink-Purple 3-Color Strobe
2 x Magenta-LightBlue-LimeGreen 3-Color Strobe
2 x IMAX 7 Thumbs