OrbitSkinz G2 and MicroSkinz Housings
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Green (MicroSkinz)
Blue (MicroSkinz)

OrbitSkinz G2 Housings! 

Generation 2 OrbitSkinz housing is similar in size to our first generation OrbitSkinz with all of the known problems resolved.

Multiple Chips! Multiple Batteries!  These housings will fit to both CR1616, CR1620, CR2016 batteries (for certain chips that generally use CR2016)!

We took our 1st Generation OrbitSkinz and made the material softer so that it will work with both clicker and dome style buttons!  

Compatible Chips: 

- 1-Modes
- 6-Modes
- MicroNovas
- Inovas
- SKY Series

1st Generation OrbitSkinz were known to have LED bulb situations where they were being pulled out accidentally thru the front, and this has been resolved!

Our G2 and MicroSkinz have a built in LED Spacer for a stronger hole, the LED bulbs will no longer be able to get pulled out accidentally thru the front of the housing. MicroSkinz are slightly smaller than Micromax housings; just enough that its better but not too small.  Remember, SMALLER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER, sorry to those of you with cute, tiny, little... lights! =) We got feedback from a lot of people and they said that the smaller lights that they have tried slide off their fingers. So we made sure to reduce the size but not so much as to lose its ability to adhere to the fingernail bed.