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$ 64.95
This Photon Freedom orbit comes with:

1 x Blue Photon Freedom
1 x Turquoise Photon Freedom
1 x White Photon Freedom
1 x Purple Photon Freedom
1 x 2mm Satin Cords
1 x 4-Light OrbitAdapter

Like all our orbits, comes complete with satin cord and OrbitAdapter!

What is a Photon Freedom Microlight?


  • Smart Circuit Freedom Technology, one button does it all
  • Electronic, instant full power On/Off at any time
  • Full-range adjustable brightness
  • 5 Safety Modes: slow, medium and fast strobe, SOS and Morse code mode (Signal mode)
  • Unbreakable high intensity LED
  • Visible for over one mile
  • Replaceable lithium batteries
  • 24k gold plated contacts
  • Quick release ring
  • Ultra tough case
  • Water resistant

Freedom® advanced smart circuitry provides an easy to use full feature program with a simple one button interface. In other words, one button does it all:
-Instant Full Power On/Off 
-Full-range Adjustable Brightness
-Momentary mode/Signal mode/Morse code mode
-Five safety modes: Slow, medium and fast strobe SOS and Momentary/Signal/Morse code mode
-3 minute timer mode

- Point-of-Purchase:
All Flashlights with Freedom advanced smart circuitry are shipped to stores in a demonstration mode called Poin-of-Purchase mode which allows consumers to test the Instant Full Power On/Off and Full-range Adjustable Brightness while in the package. Point-of-Purchase mode automatically turns the light off after 6 seconds to keep the batteries fresh. To Exit Point-of-Purchase mode simply press and hold the button untill the light shuts off.

- Instant Full Power On/Off

With one press of the button, every time the flashlight is turned on, the light will come on at full brightness. No matter what mode the flashlight was used in last, by simply turning it off and on the light always comes on at full brightness. 

- Full-range Adjustable Brightness

To adjust the brightness; simply press and hold the button until the desired level is reached, then let go. The full-range brightness control allows the user to either ramp up from the dimmest setting or down from the brightest. If you press and hold the light when it is off, the light will ramp up from the lowest light output and blink when it reaches the highest light output. If you is press and held when the light is on, the light will ramp down from the highest light output and blink when it reaches the lowest light output. Simply let go of the button when the desired brightness setting is reached. If you desire a different brightness setting, simply press and hold again, the light will continue ramping up or down as before.

Freedom Circuitry uses Pulse Width Modulation ( PWM) to achieve full-range adjustable brightness. LEDs cannot be dimmed in the same way as an incandescent light bulb. PWM achieves brightness control by pulsing the LED at 90 (or 180) times per second at different burst rates. When the flashlight is dimmed, under normal use the light will appear as a solid beam, but if you wave the flashlight quickly you can see that he light is actually pulsing.

Slow, medium and fast strobe and SOS

To reach slow, medium and fast strobe and SOS Safety modes press and hold the button until the light starts to strobe. Once the light begins to strobe, continue to press and hold the button, it will cycle through slow, medium and fast strobe and SOS Safety modes in about 12 seconds. When you reach the desired mode simply let go. The Safety mode sequence is: slow, medium, fast, and SOS strobe. In any of these modes, by clicking the button one time the light will turn off.

- Momentary mode/Signal/Morse Code mode

By activating this mode, the button changes from on/off to momentary, allowing the user to use the light as a signaling device or simply as a squeeze light. This is a great mode to use, to avoid unintentional battery drain when the flashlight will be on your keys or in your backpack . To enter this mode, press the button rapidly four times, or until the button becomes momentary. This will keep the light from staying on if bumped. To exit this mode, simply press and hold the light until it turns off (about 4 seconds). Now the light will function normally again. 

3 Minute Timer Mode

To enter this mode, press the button rapidly four times, or until the button becomes momentary. Now press and hold the button until the light turns off, continue to hold the button for about five more seconds, the light will blink one time letting you know you have activated the 3 minute timer. Now, in any brightness setting or in any strobe setting the light will turn off automatically in 3 minutes. To exit this mode, put the light back into momentary mode and then take it out as described in the above paragraph.