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The new ArcLite Intensity 2.0 chip is our latest chip which features new colors and brightness (intensity) control! Based on our very popular SKY-P5 chips, this new chip will add entirely new elements to your light shows! (Frosted Bulbs!)

Available modes to program:

Strobe (up to 6 colors)
Hyper Strobe (up to 6 colors)
Ribbon (up to 6 colors)
Tracer (up to 6 colors)
Dots (up to 6 colors)
Inova Blink (up to 6 colors)
Dash-Dot (up to 6 colors) *NEW*
Fade (choose 3 colors)

*Get creative by programming blanks instead of colors which could dramatically change the way the chips look and perform. For example, choose Hyper Strobe and program it using 2 colors and 4 blanks to give a strobe similar to our SKY EVO-X 5th mode, OR select Ribbon and program just 1 color to make a solid mode. There are so many different ways to program colors + blanks so try different combinations.

Color options:

*January 2016 Update: When you receive your chips, you will notice that there are new colors added for a total of 28 color options!

How to program:

*NEW* Easier Programming!

Simply click once to turn on the light. Each single click changes to the next mode. When you find the mode you want to change the colors on, simply press and hold until it turns to low-power blue. You are now in programming mode.

Now click until you see your desired color. Press and hold down to see the three brightness levels for that color. Simply release the button on the brightness you want. You have just programmed your first color and brightness for that mode! Now, you can program the low-power blue to end programming or simply click through to the next color. You can program up to 6 colors for each mode except for the last mode which is a 3-color fade.

Remember: You can program a BLANK instead of a color to add a space. You can get creative by adding multiple BLANK spaces to extend the strobe frequency. The BLANK counts as 1 of the 6 colors.

When you are done programming, your colors and brightnesses will be saved in memory even if you remove the batteries.

How to do a master reset (return to factory defaults):

In the off position. Press and hold the power button down for about 5 seconds. The chip will then blink 3 times to confirm that all memory banks have been reset. The chip will then turn off and back on with the factory colors.

Turning off the chip:

When you are done using the light, press and hold down for 1 second to turn it off. The chip will turn back on from mode 1.