ArcLite Freedom Chip (Photon Freedom Effect)
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$ 0.25

If you are looking for a ArcLite chip that uses only solid LED bulbs (e.g. blue, red, green, cyan, legit gold, etc.) and you want that PHOTON FREEDOM DOT EFFECT, get this chip! We have taken the awesome brightness control mode from the Photon Freedom microlight and put it on a ArcLite chip! This means you can save a ton of money and get the star/galaxy effect you want at a fraction of the price.


6 Brightness settings (from small to larger dots)

Note: This chip and the photon freedom microlights only work with solid colored LED bulbs. You will not get the DOTS/STARS effect if you use strobes, ribbons, and other IC controlled LED bulbs. Only use SOLID and FROSTED SOLID LEDs with this.