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$ 3.95

This is our exclusive 7-Mode EVO-X7 Chip!

This is the latest and upgrade from our most popular EVO-X chip and with a new 4-Color mode + the ability to set any of the modes to a simple ON/OFF 1-mode chip!  This is designed to fits our latest ArcLite 2.0 Housings and even our previous MicroSkinz, OrbitSkinz, and original ArcLite housings.


1 x EVO-X7 Chip
2 x CR1620 batteries *FREE*


7-Modes w/loop around:

Mode 1: 3-Color Strobe
Mode 2: 2-Color Strobe
Mode 3: 1-Color Strobe
Mode 4: 2-Color EVO-X Strobe *Our Favorite!*
Mode 5: 3-Color Dash Strobe

Two new X7 modes:

Mode 6: 4-Color Dash Strobe
Mode 7: CONJURE MODE (Make any of the modes above into a simple 1-Mode ON/OFF chip!

Select any of the modes 1 through 6 above, PRESS AND HOLD until it turns off and then it turns back on and release. Now you have a simple on/off 1-Mode chip. To reset, turn off the chip and press and hold on the OFF position until the light turns back on, now release.

*After Mode 6 the chip loops back to Mode 1.  To turn off, you must press and hold down for 1 second.

Original EVO-X Chip modes:

Note: Hyper Dash, Ribbons, and Stribbons DO NOT work in EVO-X.   Everything else works with the EVO-X chip.