Aether Glove Set
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$ 139.95

The game-changing Aether Glove Set is now available! This new futuristic chip is the next step up in gloving technology! It is the first ever glove set chip that offers chip to chip communication. Wait, what? This chip can transfer your programming colors and modes form one chip to another chip in under 10 seconds which makes programming the entire glove set super fast.



Transfer Your Modes

With "chip transfer", you are now able to copy and paste an entire Aether set to another in a matter of seconds. Then there is is "slot transfer" where you can send individual slots from on Aether to another without overwriting all the other modes.




38 Vivid Colors
15 Colors per Mode
13 Modes
7 Slots



Classic Modes: Sandbox, Hyper Strobe, Dops, Strobie, Tracer, and Blink
Dynamic Modes: 3-Color Dash Dops, 15-Color Dash Dops, Stretch, and Burst, Hyper Loop, Fusion, Vortex, and Dop Wave


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Aether Glove Set by Futuristic Lights - Full Brochure