Glovers & Lightshow Community,

As many of you may have already heard that there has been an on-going lawsuit brought on by Brian (Emazinglights, LLC) against Ramiro (creator of the OSM) and the other lightshow companies: RaveReady, Kande Kreations, and OrbitLightShow [me].

Because of this on-going lawsuit I have remained quiet from the glover community about my opinions in order to let it all play out. There were several demands from Emazing Lights, one of which was to stop selling OSM, distributing them, and marketing them (this was done several months ago) and 2) provide information & documents that show sales numbers which Ramiro has recently provided to Emazing Lights (e.g. all of our OSM sales numbers, etc.)

On a Emazing Lights blog written by Brian (see the attached screen shot) it is clear that Brian wants everything to work out for the better for everyone with the least amount of financial burden for all.

Just the other day on 6/21/2016, the court granted a Motion to Dismiss filed by RaveReady which dismissed and severed us all from the lawsuit. Brian still has the opportunity to re-file and sue each and every one of us individually again if he chooses. He was clear in his blog that this was not his intention as long as he got what he wanted. Now that he has what he wanted, will he finally end it?

So this is where we are asking for YOU the community to help. Please contact Brian Lim and ask him politely and respectfully to honor his original promises; that if the other light stores agreed to stop selling the OSM, stop marketing it, and stop distributing it, and 2) provide him sales numbers, that he would drop us and the other defendants from the case.


For more information visit the Art of Gloving blog post: