Orbiting is the art of manipulating light to create an awesome display of colors in motion. Controlled by a series of LEDs bound together and strung through the center, the idea is to twist and spin the orbit to produce rings of bright, colorful light. By varying the speed of your spin and matching it to the beat of music, the lights open and close, blend together and dance in perfect harmony, giving you and anyone watching an incredible light show.


A light-up yo-yo allows a fleeting moment of pleasure before you have to retract it, while an orbit’s dual-handed operation gives you far more control, and you never have to stop spinning!


Orbiting is easy: the best way to learn is to simply pick one up and play with it. Check out our how-to instructions below for the basics:

Orbiting in 3 easy steps

Step 1: The most important part of orbiting is what comes naturally when you take the handles in your hands: you wind it up! The tension on the strings makes the orbital in the middle spin rapidly.



Step 2: You want to build tension on the strings while bringing your hands together, and then slowly pulling them apart. Avoid any sudden moves, which can cause your orbit to stop spinning. As you slowly pull your hands apart, you increase the speed of the orbital in the middle, which then produces the awesome rings you want to see.



Step 3: Soon you’ll find that just a slight flick of the strings produces different shapes. In the end, practice makes perfect. Play with your orbit more and more and your skills will improve, and you’ll be able to come up with your own style and moves!




Each 4-Light Rainbow Orbit comes with extra FREE keychain lights. So in the event that you run out of batteries or receive a defective light, you can easily swap it out with one of the spare lights.

During normal wear and tear, a keychain light switch may stop working. If when you squeeze the button and the light works, but clicking the ON/OFF switch does not, the LED prongs may have slightly bent out of shape while spinning so fast. This is a normal occurrence and is fixable, please watch this video on how to fix this issue as well as change the batteries in each light: 

How-to Fix a Broken Keychain light switch (e.g. Rainbow Orbits, Photon Light Orbit, etc.) HOW-TO TUTORIAL VIDEOS: https://www.orbitlightshow.com/pages/rainbow-orbits-how-to-tutorial-videos