Hi, Everyone:

I started OrbitLightShow.com because when I originated, I had a vision that one day everyone will understand the art of lightshows. Just like how singers sing, musicians make music, dancers dance, glovers glove and orbiters orbit, we all have our own way of expressing ourselves in things we like to do and want others to appreciate what we can provide. Others may not be able to understand how a lightshow is a form of art and with each person, each style varies. As this industry becomes more known you will see that its not just a lightshow anymore, its innovation, creation, and passion for what we do. We have seen the benefits of how we can provide everyone a sense of happiness and increase the PLUR by a simple non-verbal interaction that that speaks louder then words. From that, Team Vivid was created by OrbitLightShow.com and is the official teams sponsor. Inspired by a group of individuals with the same aspirations to provide everyone the ultimate lightshow experience. We have all become really close, and Team Vivid is not just a team, we are a family and we are proud to be able to share our closeness and common bonds while at the same time being there for everyone who supports us. Thank you for all your support and love for OrbitLightShow.com and Team Vivid. 

We will continue to do our best to provide you more of everything you need to better your experience in every aspect. OrbitLightShow.com has continued to grow and has now integrated SimplyKandy.com to cover all your body jewelry and dancewear you need under one site, one shopping cart to better your shopping experience. We operate in the same manner, but due to the large amounts of orders we have received we have decided to handle SimplyKandy.com under a sub-division of OrbitLightShow.com, but we all are still one team, one vision, and that is to provide you all the tools to better your experience.

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