These are our premium glove sets that were designed by our sponsored teams. They are built using LED bulbs that are custom installed into our 5-mode EVO-X chips. These chips are the best 5-mode chips available and allows users to set the chip to either 1-mode or 5-modes depending on light show style. Great for the Beginner to Intermediate glover who wants a higher quality than starter glove sets at a mid-price range.

Polaroid Glove Set

$ 44.95

Celebrate the holiday festivities with our brand new "Polaroid" Glove Set. This glove set is vibrant and pristine! Our latest creation is the result of a long design process. The Orbit lightshow staff hand-selected each bulb carefully, aiming to achieve the most vivid and unique design. Whether you are a seasoned Glover, or looking to purchase for that special someone,...

Mystery 10-Light Gluvmax Glove Set

Sold Out

Who here remembers Gluvmax?  We sure do! These super sturdy lights is what started it all! Before there was micromax, microskinz, orbitskinz, or arclites... these were the bread and butter lights for gloving.  They will not be offered again after this. This is a CLEARANCE item! If you want to own a set of original Gluvmax lights here's your chance!...

Adolescent Glove Set

$ 44.95

Team Vivid Turtle & MLG Mutt is using this set in the beginning. Turtle is using a completely different set. This glove set is built with the following: 4 x PWB 3-Color Strobes 4 x PWG 3-Color Strobes Optional Thumbs: RGB 3-Color Strobe Inovas

Aurora Glove Set

$ 44.95

Our second installment of Throwback Thursday's feature SinnR's rendition on one of our most infamous glove sets -- The Aurora Glove Set. Watch as Phase.One's SinnR brings a modern flare to an old flame. Just like clothing, vintage glove sets will be making a comeback! The Original Video:The  New Throwback Thursday Video:

Triton Glove Set

$ 44.95

ROBO Shatter makes his triumphant return to the orbit stage with our latest glove set - Triton. Water is an inspiring substance so powerful yet calming. It is the sustenance of life and engulfs our entire world. We used these concepts into the creation of the Triton Glove Set. People who are caught in the current of your shows will...

Kryptonite Glove Set

$ 44.95

Superman, one of the few legendary super heroes, cannot be matched by the most powerful of super beings. While untouchable by any other means, Kryptonite has always been his greatest foe. Our latest creation embodies the dark and captivating side of the super natural. The "Kryptonite" Glove Set will compliment all Glover’s, regardless of skill. Our hand selected LED bulbs...

Supercharged Glove Set

$ 44.95

Team Vivid's Toms makes his grand debut to the Orbit spotlight with the "Supercharged" Glove Set. The youngest member of one of the most profound teams in the gloving world, Toms brings in an energetic and aggressive style to a team whose main theatrics surrounded flow and musicality. The vibrant yellows and warming oranges will electrify and stimulate all who...

Voyager Glove Set

$ 44.95

The perfect light show will send the viewer on a magical journey of sights and sounds. The Voyager Glove Set will bring pure magic and joy to the lucky individuals eager enough to receive a show. Expand the minds of your audience with this extraordinary set! Colors: 4 x ViBlue 2-Color Strobe2 x PurpW 2-Color Strobe2 x PinkB 2-Color Strobe...

Jelly Bean Glove Set

$ 44.95

Jellybeans have always brought a sense of mystery. You’re never quite sure what flavors are represented by the colors until that moment you consume them. They also covered the entire rainbow spectrum – allowing for full range of flavors in one package. We had that thought in mind when designing this fabulous glove set. Each bulb was carefully chosen to...

Blueprint Glove Set

$ 44.95

Phase.One's rise to stardom has become well known throughout the gloving community. The team's foundation was built off of the rubble of the fading of the older generations. The team was filled with Glovers whose teams were fading out of existence, and with Glovers who dream to make their own mark on the community. The "Blueprint Glove Set" was a...

Phantom Glove Set

$ 44.95

The best glovers keep their audience shrouded in mystery. The Phantom Glove Set is a spectra. The contrasting color scheme will bring a cold and chilling presence to your next show... Colors: 4 x Violet-Mint Green-Red Stutters 3-Color Strobe6 x White-Mint Green 2-Color Strobe  

Spectrum Glove Set

$ 44.95

We handpicked only the best colors of the spectrum. Sometimes, the simplest colors have the greatest effect. This is a 10 light glove set. Colors: 2 x Blue-White 2-Color Strobe 2 x Blue-Orange 2-Color Strobe2 x Pink-Blue 2-Color Strobe 2 x Blue-Green 2-Color Strobe1 x Blue-Green2-Color Flash (Thumb 1) 1 x Pink-Blue 2-Color Flash (Thumb 2)