ArcLite Intensity 2.0 Chip

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The new ArcLite Intensity 2.0 chip is our latest chip which features new colors and brightness (intensity) control! Based on our very popular SKY-P5 chips, this new chip will add entirely new elements to your light shows! (Frosted Bulbs!) Available modes to program: Strobe (up to 6 colors)Hyper Strobe (up to 6 colors)Ribbon (up to 6 colors)Tracer (up to 6 colors)Dots (up to 6 colors)Inova Blink (up to 6 colors)Dash-Dot (up to...


IMAX Hyper Chip

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IMAX Hyper Strobe lets you create your own custom 4 color Hyper Strobe! List of colors this IMAX comes with (built in, you do not have to purchase anything else, this chip has all these installed into it):  Red, Blue, Green, White Pink, Light Pink, Silver White, Peach, Yellow, Cyan, Lavender, Pink, Hot Pink, Lime Green, Blank To Program: When...

DOTZ2 1-Mode Chip

$ 1.95

The DOTZ2 / Gluvmax chips are for DOTZ2 and Gluvmax housings! Each chip uses two CR1616 batteries. These are great for using inside DOTZ2 Housings without OrbitAdapter for orbiting. It allows you to easily change the LED bulbs. Simply purchase any of our LED bulbs (e.g. strobes, dashes, ribbons, dops, etc.) and they can be used with these chips.

MicroNova 3-Mode Chip

$ 2.95

If you want to have the 3-Modes as seen in Inova Microlights, this is it!!!  Replace your standard 1-Mode chips to this Inova-Like Chip! It is exactly identical so if you have solid bulbs you can make it have 1) high power, 2) low power (dot), 3) pulsating mode! This comes with the "clicker-style button" and it will work in Micromax,...


ArcLite Galaxy Chip

$ 6.95 $ 5.95

The new ArcLite Galaxy chip is one of our newest chips which was designed to be used in our Galaxy Orbit. However, after using them inside a glove set we realized the modes work well for a glove light show too! There is a DEMO mode (Mode 1) which is really useful because it automatically changes modes every 7 seconds! You can reprogram all...

DOTZ2 Freedom Chip (Photon Freedom Effect)

$ 4.95

If you are looking for a DOTZ2 chip that uses only solid LED bulbs (e.g. blue, red, green, cyan, legit gold, etc.) and you want that PHOTON FREEDOM DOT EFFECT, get this chip! We have taken the awesome brightness control mode from the Photon Freedom microlight and put it on a DOTZ2 chip! This means you can save a ton of money...

ArcLite 7-Mode EVO-X7 Chip

$ 3.95

This is our exclusive 7-Mode EVO-X7 Chip! This is the latest and upgrade from our most popular EVO-X chip and with a new 4-Color mode + the ability to set any of the modes to a simple ON/OFF 1-mode chip!  This is designed to fits our latest ArcLite 2.0 Housings and even our previous MicroSkinz, OrbitSkinz, and original ArcLite housings. Includes:...