Our programmable LED orbits are the most unique orbits you can buy! The chips being used are from our SKY series which means you can program not only from 20+ colors but also a collection of different modes. Our SKY-X and SKY-P3 orbits give you over 10,000+ possibilities!

Galaxy Orbit: The Ultimate LED Spinning Toy (Made with ABS Plastic)

$ 39.95 $ 34.95

2017 PROMOTION: FREE PAIR OF ORBIT HANDLES 2.0 WITH EVERY GALAXY ORBIT PURCHASE! NO COUPON CODE NECESSARY! Ridiculously awesome LED spinning toy with 24+ Colors, 10 modes, brightness control, and memory. Complete with batteries and handles.  What's Included: - Galaxy Orbit- 4 x Galaxy chips- 8 x CR1620 batteries- 2 x 2mm Satin Cord *Completely installed and assembled ready-to-go out...

SKY-P5 Intensity 4-Light Orbit

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JULY 2015 UPDATE: This orbit has the latest ArcLite Intensity chips with brightness control and new color wheel! The SKY-P5 4-Light Orbit is quite possibly the World's most advanced and unique LED orbit! Using our new and improved ArcLite Intensity chips, you now have the ability to program unique orbits with over 10,000+ different color and mode combinations! This SKY-P4 orbit has memory just...