These are our basic glove sets that were designed by our sponsored teams. They are built using LED bulbs that are custom installed into our 5-mode EVO-X chips. These chips are the best 5-mode chips available and allows users to set the chip to either 1-mode or 5-modes depending on light show style. Great for the Beginner to Intermediate glover who wants a higher quality than starter glove sets at a mid-price range.

Krazy Kandy Glove Set

Sold Out

The Krazy Kandy glove set is absolutely wild! We've loaded this masterpiece with so many colors, that your audience will have no choice but to go "krazy".  This is a 10 Light Glove Set and comes with the following: Colors: 4 x Red-Green-Blue 7-Color Strobe 1 x Red Solid Inova Frosted (2nd mode)1 x Blue Solid Inova Frosted (2nd mode)2 x Green-Orange-White 7-Color Strobe Thumbs: 2 x 27-Mode...

Pastel Glove Set (Micronovas)

$ 89.95

This glove set is made entirely of Micrnovas! This glove set is built with the following: 2 x Gold Micronova Microlight 2 x Pink Micronova Microlight 2 x Aqua Micronova Microlight 2 x Purple Micronova Microlight 2 x White Micronova Microlight  

Dippin Dots Glove Set

$ 72.99

Dippin Dots Glove Set The Dippin Dots Glove Set, is a perfect glove set when you are looking for a wide variety of colors.  It will captivate you with all the beautiful colors in first mode, and when you click through your modes it will definitely change the mood of your set. Colors:  2 x Green-White-Red-Pink-Blue-Yellow 6-Color Strobe 2 x Green-Purple-Red-White-Blue-Yellow 6-Color Strobe2 x White-Purple-Pink-Orange-Green-Yellow 6-Color...

Fantasmic Glove Set

$ 64.99

The Fantasmic Glove Set colors attracts the audience in a magical way that you may find yourself lost in the tunnels of colors.  In this video SweetE Uber demonstrate this gloveset to show us how the colors are exuded.  Colors: 2 x Pink-Aqua-Orange 3-Color Stutter 2 x Aqua-Purple-White 3-Color Strobe2 x Red-Bubblegum-Blue 3-Color Strobe2 x Pink-WarmWhite 2-Color Strobe1 x 7-Mode IMAX Thumb 1 (Color combination Cyan-LimeGreen-Red) 1 x 7-Mode IMAX Thumb 2 (Color...

Primordial Glove Set

$ 64.99

Primordial Glove SetWe have come a long way from the creation of light shows -- specifically gloving. Simple color patterns, such as RGB's and BWG's, was the norm back when gloving was in its infancy.It is now 2012 and colors have become much more complex and intricate -- varying through a full array on the color spectrum. Dozens of different...

Blue Daisy Glove Set

$ 59.99

The Blue Daisy Glove Set, reminds us of the memorable EDC event, the last day the event ends on a Sunday morning, leaving us reminiscing of the epic weekend and leaving us feeling a little blue. Colors: 4 x Turquoise-Blue-White 3-Color Strobe  4 x Cyan-MintGreen-SkyBlueTracer 3-Color Strobe 2 x Blue Solid MicroNova Thumbs

Hyper Glove Set

$ 59.99

Featuring our exclusive modified 2-Color Hyper Strobe bulbs with the Micromax chip of your choice from the drop-down menu. Further modify your glove set by adding thumbs. This 8-Light glove set comes with:  Colors: 4 x Pink-White Modified Hyper Dash 4 x Blue-White Modified Hyper DashThumbs: 2 x Violet Frosted Solid (MicroNova)  

Balloon Glove Set

$ 59.95

Balloon Glove SetThis set reminds us of the many different colors that balloons come in and how it can bring a smile to your face anytime. This Balloon glove set will bring smiles to your audience every single time. =)This is a 10 x Light Sweet EVO Gloveset:x4 HotPink-MintGreen 2-Color Strobex2 Blue-MintGreen-White 3-Color Strobex2 Neon Pink Solidsx2 Neon Blue Solids  

Inception Glove Set

$ 49.95

Inception Glove SetWhat better way to name a glove set than after the movie that was best known for its ability to "blow away" its audience. The Inception Gloveset is will entrance your audience! This unique combination of colors will make your shows much more stressful for your audience to keep up with -- even for us! This glove set...

Jack-O-Latern Glove Set

$ 49.95

Jack-O-Lantern Glove SetThe spirits have been restless for the upcoming Halloween festivities! The team here at SweetElights are celebrating this annual even with the Halloween themed glove set -- the Jack-O-Lantern. These warm and spooky colors will be a hit at your next event! Once you've given a show with these, people will die for another one!This glove set is...

Spirit Glove Set

$ 44.95

Spirit Glove SetLet us bring your holiday cheers with our Spirit Glove Set.  This blend of colors remind us of Christmas and how lights on a tree, house, windows and even gloves makes you just little bit happier. This is an 8-Light 1-Mode Glove Set! Upgrade your chips to SweetEVO for multiple modes!  Colors: 4 x Aqua-White-Green 3-Color Strobe  4 x Red-White-Green 3-Color StrobeThumbs:...

Serenity Glove Set

$ 44.95

After a long 4 days over in Atlanta for work, Vivid Mage takes it slow and brings all of us back to serenity at the workplace with this relaxing light show.