Thin & Slim Gloves (Special Buy 1, Get 1 FREE!)

$ 2.95 $ 2.00

SPECIAL FOR 2018! BUY 1, GET 1 FREE! 1 Pair of Thin and Slim Gloves (sold in a pair so you'll get two, one for each hand of course). These super thin gloves are the next biggest thing for people with medium to larger hands and longer fingers! It's like your favorite pair of skinny jeans! Fits snug but comfortably! These...


ArcLite Simplicity Chip

$ 4.95 $ 2.00

The new ArcLite Simplicity chip is one of our newest chip which was designed to be the most affordable programmable glove set on the market which features memory and brightness control! What's Included: 1 x ArcLite Simplicity Chip ArcLite Simplicity: This is a great glove sets or as an orbit chip inside our Galaxy Orbit. Available modes to program: Strobe (up to 6 colors)Hyper Strobe (up...


Rainbow Orbit

$ 19.95 $ 10.00

Budget Orbits are great orbits and are made affordable so you don't have to break the bank! These are great for beginners and as gifts.  This orbit is our #1 selling orbit because it comes with 4 Rainbow Tri-Color LED lights!  This rainbow flashes and flickers 100's of color patterns at random. This orbit is built with the following: 4...