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$ 39.95

The DOTZ2 FREEDOM ORBIT is our answer to the infamous PHOTON FREEDOM orbit at a fraction of the cost! It gives the same "dot effect" as Photon Freedoms but has a much easier housing to change batteries, change LED bulbs, and replace chips!

If you like PHOTON FREEDOMS, you will love our DOTZ2 FREEDOM!

Our DOTZ2 Freedom orbits are great for beginners or expert level orbiters and for those who want a great quality orbit at an affordable price!  We build every orbit using the highest quality parts.  We also offer a lifetime warranty on the OrbitAdapter which keeps all the lights connected together!

Unlike the budget orbits (which have screws and an on/off switch), these lights have an electronically controlled on/off switch and 6 brightness modes which give the orbit 6 different levels of the "Photon Freedom Dot Effect"! The housings are very sturdy and are design for easy battery changes; no screws necessary to change batteries or the LED bulbs inside! The DOTZ2 housing is our most popular orbit housing with very little maintenance.

DOTZ2 Orbit:

OrbitHandles (optional upgrade):

This product includes:

4 x DOTZ2 Freedom Microlights (your choice of colors)
1 x 4-Light OrbitAdapter (Lifetime Warranty)
2 x 2mm Satin Cords (your choice of color)
*Completely assembled and tested

Note: If you like the colors that are in the product photo, they are: UV Purple, White, Blue, and Turquoise