Our DOTZ2 product collection is back and better than ever! This is the upgrade to the DOTZ microlights but without those pesky little screws and tedious on/off switches. No more having to tinker with screws to change the batteries or upgrade the chips and bulbs inside.

4-Light DOTZ2 Freedom Orbit

$ 49.95 $ 39.95

The DOTZ2 FREEDOM ORBIT is our answer to the infamous PHOTON FREEDOM orbit at a fraction of the cost! It gives the same "dot effect" as Photon Freedoms but has a much easier housing to change batteries, change LED bulbs, and replace chips! If you like PHOTON FREEDOMS, you will love our DOTZ2 FREEDOM! Our DOTZ2 Freedom orbits are great...

DOTZ2 1-Mode Chip

$ 1.95

The DOTZ2 / Gluvmax chips are for DOTZ2 and Gluvmax housings! Each chip uses two CR1616 batteries. These are great for using inside DOTZ2 Housings without OrbitAdapter for orbiting. It allows you to easily change the LED bulbs. Simply purchase any of our LED bulbs (e.g. strobes, dashes, ribbons, dops, etc.) and they can be used with these chips.

DOTZ2 Freedom Chip (Photon Freedom Effect)

$ 4.95

If you are looking for a DOTZ2 chip that uses only solid LED bulbs (e.g. blue, red, green, cyan, legit gold, etc.) and you want that PHOTON FREEDOM DOT EFFECT, get this chip! We have taken the awesome brightness control mode from the Photon Freedom microlight and put it on a DOTZ2 chip! This means you can save a ton of money...

DOTZ2 Housing

$ 1.95

The DOTZ2 housings are back! Super sturdy and reliable as they've always been! These housings are hard plastic housings and fits with our OrbitAdapter which makes them one of the best Orbiting housings available. They use Gluvmax/DOTZ2 chips which currently come in a 1-mode configurations (simple on/off) the ability to use ANY of our standard LED bulbs; strobes, ribbons, dashes,...