These are our premium glove sets that were designed by our sponsored teams. They are built using LED bulbs that are custom installed into our 5-mode EVO-X chips. These chips are the best 5-mode chips available and allows users to set the chip to either 1-mode or 5-modes depending on light show style. Great for the Beginner to Intermediate glover who wants a higher quality than starter glove sets at a mid-price range.

AfterShock Glove Set

$ 44.95

Team Vivid Turtle is back at it again with the introduction of his newest signature glove set, the Aftershock. Its predecessor, the Electroshock Glove set, helped put both orbitlightshow and team vivid in the lime light of the lightshow world. Turtle has grown since then, both as a person and a glover, but has never forgotten where his roots are....

Giza Glove Set

$ 44.95

[ROBO]{HF} Begone shows us his old school style light show and bringing back inova thumbs like a true giza clicking them off and on which will truly impress on-lookers.  Begone uses ALL EVO-X chips.  Upgrade to all clear MicroSkinz if you want your whole housing to light up!

Coral Reef Glove Set

$ 44.95

Team [LA] uses colors that remind us a bit of world's intriguing coral reef! This glove set is built with the following: 2 x CyanGB 3-Color Strobes 2 x CyanGR 3-Color Strobes 4 x TurCB 3-Color Strobes Optional Thumbs: 2 x Cyan Solid EVO-X

Kombat Glove Set

$ 44.95

When we saw the blues and yellows and some greens together, we instantly thought of an epic battle between Scorpion and Sub-Zero. The green reminded us of Reptile as well!  Kicking it back old school, here is our Mortal Kombat influenced glove set! Go into your next battle with this!

Luminous Glove Set

$ 44.95

Blow away your audience with the wild and lavish colors of the Luminous glove set. Liquid Abstract's Kyro makes his debut to the OLS spotlight with this wild and fantastic glove set.

Throwback Glove Set

$ 44.95

Miss the nostalgic feeling and rush of the light show artists of old? The Throwback Gloveset will take you down memory lane to a period of simplicity.

Hulk Glove Set

$ 44.95

Smash through the minds and hearts of your audience with this brutal glove set.

Devastated Glove Set

$ 44.95

Squishy makes another appearance to the gloving world with the introduction of our new Devastated glove set. It can be said that devastation leaves awe in its wake, why not do the same with your lightshow? Watch as Squishy's uniqueness and ever evolving shows blow your mind!  Upgrade to EVO-X chips just like in the video! This glove set is...

Fanta Glove Set

$ 44.95

Who doesn't enjoy a nice cold drink during the scorching hot temperatures of summer? In the spirit of the summer season we decide to recreate one of our favorite drinks, Fanta, and use it as the new theme of our newest glove set. Add a little flavor into your light shows with the Fanta Glove Set.

Keyblade Glove Set

$ 44.95

Keyblade Glove Set 2 x Green 1-Color Strobe2 x PiWPurp 3-Color Strobe2 x Lemon Yellow (Lmy / Lmg) 1-Color Strobe4 x CoralGB 3-Color Strobe  

Puppeteer Glove Set

$ 44.95

Many may think having lights on the palms and lights on the back of the hands may be a little too much, but as you can see in this 14 light glove set, it works out quite well. This particular Puppeteer Glove Set will come with the 8 lights for your fingers as listed below, but you can customize it...

Puppeteer Deluxe Package Set

$ 99.95

Can't decide on what to get?  We know with our large selection of Glove Sets and Orbits it may be sometimes hard to decide.  Not sure if you want a Glove Set or Orbit?  Why not both! The Puppeteer Deluxe Package Set, is a complete ALL-IN-ONE 14-Light Glove Set and Orbit package.  You will find it very easy to turn...