ArcLite Simplicity Chip

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The new ArcLite Simplicity chip is one of our newest chip which was designed to be the most affordable programmable glove set on the market which features memory and brightness control! What's Included: 1 x ArcLite Simplicity Chip ArcLite Simplicity: This is a great glove sets or as an orbit chip inside our Galaxy Orbit. Available modes to program: Strobe (up to 6 colors)Hyper Strobe (up...


ArcLite 7-Mode EVO-X7 Chip

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This is our exclusive 7-Mode EVO-X7 Chip! This is the latest and upgrade from our most popular EVO-X chip and with a new 4-Color mode + the ability to set any of the modes to a simple ON/OFF 1-mode chip!  This is designed to fits our latest ArcLite 2.0 Housings and even our previous MicroSkinz, OrbitSkinz, and original ArcLite housings. Includes:...