Kinetic Glove Set (Clear Bulbs)

$ 169.95 $ 159.95

The Kinetic Glove set is the first of its kind to feature an accelerometer! This allows the light to dynamically react to your movement. It comes with 6 modes (4 accelerometer and 2 classic programmable modes). The Kinetic comes with 20 colors plus a blank and is very efficient, using two CR1620 batteries in each light (batteries included!) will provide up...

Rainbow Orbit

$ 14.95

Budget Orbits are great orbits and are made affordable so you don't have to break the bank! These are great for beginners and as gifts.  This orbit is our #1 selling orbit because it comes with 4 Rainbow Tri-Color LED lights!  This rainbow flashes and flickers 100's of color patterns at random. This orbit is built with the following: 4...

ArcLite Intensity 2.0 Glove Set

Sold Out

ArcLite Intensity 2.0 Glove Set 2016 UPDATE: We have new SKY Intensity 2.0 Chips which are easier to program and brighter than before! We also have the latest new ArcLite 2.0 housings (now available in the drop down menu above!) These housings feature a separated top and a bottom piece with interlocking pins. These housings is our best housing yet! Easy...

Orbit O ArcLite Decals by Lynx (10-Pack)

$ 5.00

Ever wonder how to get the Orbit O logo to show on your ArcLite housings like Phase.One Lynx does in her videos? Wonder no more with Lynx's ArcLite Mod Decals! Simply take your decals, pull off the protective backing, and install them onto the top of your ArcLite housings and that's it! They are self-adhesive and will work on any color ArcLite...

Orbit Handles 2.0 Neoprene (Pair)

$ 4.95

Our Orbit Handles are made to replace those painful metal rings and to help against satin cord burns when orbiting.  Each handle is made from reinforced neoprene. Instead of using metal rings or the satin cord directly on your hands, connect them to our handles and enjoy longer and pain-less orbit light shows! These Orbit Handles 2.0 can also be...

100 CR1616 Batteries

$ 14.95

This is for 100 CR1616 Batteries in easy-to-use plastic trays!  We read your emails and comments and we took the liberty to make sure you get batteries in the trays so you can easily get to them. CR1616 fits all micromax, microskinz, orbitskinz, and miniskinz housings & chips.

Thin & Slim Gloves

$ 2.95

1 Pair of Thin and Slim Gloves (sold in a pair so you'll get two, one for each hand of course). These super thin gloves are the next biggest thing for people with medium to larger hands and longer fingers! It's like your favorite pair of skinny jeans! Fits snug but comfortably! These are One Size Fits All (Medium)  

ArcLite Simplicity Glove Set

$ 49.95

ArcLite Simplicity Glove Set This is for a full 10-Light glove set with new batteries with the housings and gloves of your choice. The new ArcLite Simplicity chip is one of our newest chip which was designed to be the most affordable programmable glove set on the market which features memory and brightness control! Based on our Intensity chips, this new chip will give...


ArcLite Simplicity Chip

$ 4.95 $ 3.95

The new ArcLite Simplicity chip is one of our newest chip which was designed to be the most affordable programmable glove set on the market which features memory and brightness control! What's Included: 1 x ArcLite Simplicity Chip ArcLite Simplicity: This is a great glove sets or as an orbit chip inside our Galaxy Orbit. Available modes to program: Strobe (up to 6 colors)Hyper Strobe (up...


ArcLite Galaxy Chip

$ 6.95 $ 5.95

The new ArcLite Galaxy chip is one of our newest chips which was designed to be used in our Galaxy Orbit. However, after using them inside a glove set we realized the modes work well for a glove light show too! There is a DEMO mode (Mode 1) which is really useful because it automatically changes modes every 7 seconds! You can reprogram all...