These are our basic glove sets that were designed by our sponsored teams. They are built using LED bulbs that are custom installed into our 5-mode EVO-X chips. These chips are the best 5-mode chips available and allows users to set the chip to either 1-mode or 5-modes depending on light show style. Great for the Beginner to Intermediate glover who wants a higher quality than starter glove sets at a mid-price range.

Zion Glove Set

$ 44.95

Is it too sensationalized to say that this is the end of all glove sets, perhaps? The Zion glove set is an absolute beauty. Phase.One’s Matrix finds his way back to the Orbitlightshow stage in a spectacular fashion. Once your audience receives a show, they’ll struggle to gain a true sense of reality. If you want radiant and flashy, this...

Wonka Glove Set

$ 44.95

This set reminded us of the Wonka Nerds Candies! 

Watermelon Glove Set

$ 44.95

Vivid Addie gave us a refreshing light show using the POG 7-Color Strobes!

Water Glove Set

$ 44.95

This is one of the glove sets from the Elements Light Show video below: This glove set is built with the following: 4 x BWPurp 3-Color Strobes (index and pinky fingers) 2 x PinkWB 3-Color Strobes (middle fingers) 2 x PinkWB Hyper Dash (ring fingers) Optional Thumbs: 2 x Frosted Blue Solids (thumbs)  

Wallflower Glove Set

$ 44.95

A Glover’s style can range anywhere from the eccentric, with wild and lucid with their movements, to the subtle, fluid and whimsy, and anywhere in-between. We understand that Glovers do not always want a loud and explosive glove set. We designed the "Wallflower" glove set for the illusive type of Glover. You let your moves and technique define you, so...

Voyager Glove Set

$ 44.95

The perfect light show will send the viewer on a magical journey of sights and sounds. The Voyager Glove Set will bring pure magic and joy to the lucky individuals eager enough to receive a show. Expand the minds of your audience with this extraordinary set! Colors: 4 x ViBlue 2-Color Strobe2 x PurpW 2-Color Strobe2 x PinkB 2-Color Strobe...

Verve Glove Set

$ 44.95

LA Logic shows a "radically different" glove set based on the Verve Energy drink.  Quench your thirst for light shows and high energy with the Verve Glove Set! Colors: 4 x OW 2-Color Strobes4 x BWG 7-Color Strobes Thumbs: 2 x Frosted Mint Green  

Utopia Glove Set

$ 44.95

Due to requests, we have created another glove set similar to the Simply Kandy Glove Set using a variety of different style LED bulbs that go great together! This is a 10-Light Glove Set so it already includes the thumbs! You don't have to purchase any additional lights unless you want palm lights.  We had Vivid Mage demonstrate the glove...

Uncharted Glove Set

$ 34.95

The most entertaining light shows thrill and captivate the audience, not with technicality, but with surprise and wonder. The most renown glovers aren't remembered for their routines, but for their ability to keep their audience on their toes. Styles have been advanced by dabbling in uncharted areas that have never been considered before. Try this glove set on and see...

Typhoon Glove Set

$ 44.95

The Typhoon Glove Set, resembles what the sky looks like after a Typhoon. The blend of colors creates a serene feel. This set comes as a Micromax 1-mode or you can upgrade to our other chips. Add thumbs to create a more complete glove set. Colors: 4 x Pink-WarmWhite-Purple 3-color strobe 4 x Blue-LemonYellow-White 3-color strobeThumbs: 2 x Light Pink Frosted Solid

Twilight Glove Set

$ 44.95

The Twilight hour is the moment in the day where the sunlight scatters, marking beginnings of the night or day. It also sparks the moments when the most memorable events happen in a person’s life. The late night adventures begin or end in the Twilight. It is a time representing the young and free. Our glove sets aim to create...

Turmoil Glove Set

$ 44.95

Turmoil Glove SetWe all go through periods of inner turmoil during our lifetime. It is the one love/hate relationship that will continue to endure -- regardless of current circumstances. This concept also applies to every glovers distinct style.  4 x Blue-Purple-WarmWhite 3-Color Strobe4 x Aqua-Orange-Purple 3-Color Strobe2 x Violet 1-Color Strobe 2 X IMAX Hyper Thumbs