777 Glove Set

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Using 8 IMAX 7 chips: http://orbitlightshow.com/imax-chip-p-2864.html. Each light features 14 colors to choose from including a blank and once you program your 3 custom colors each light has 7 modes!

Abstract Glove Set

$ 34.95

LA Sunny D's first featured video. After having fractured his hand and went thru recovery, he shows us that with therapy, hope, and confidence anywone can get back and enjoy the art of gloving! The Abstract glove set shows that if you have an idea or a dream you can make it a reality. Colors: 4 x AquaPink 2-Color Strobes2...

Adolescent Glove Set

$ 44.95

Team Vivid Turtle & MLG Mutt is using this set in the beginning. Turtle is using a completely different set. This glove set is built with the following: 4 x PWB 3-Color Strobes 4 x PWG 3-Color Strobes Optional Thumbs: RGB 3-Color Strobe Inovas


Aether Glove Set

$ 149.95 $ 139.95

The game-changing Aether Glove Set is now available! This new futuristic chip is the next step up in gloving technology! It is the first ever glove set chip that offers chip to chip communication. Wait, what? This chip can transfer your programming colors and modes form one chip to another chip in under 10 seconds which makes programming the entire glove set super fast....

AfterShock Glove Set

$ 44.95

Team Vivid Turtle is back at it again with the introduction of his newest signature glove set, the Aftershock. Its predecessor, the Electroshock Glove set, helped put both orbitlightshow and team vivid in the lime light of the lightshow world. Turtle has grown since then, both as a person and a glover, but has never forgotten where his roots are....

AKA Glove Set

$ 44.95

This one has a story behind it. Straight up... I am so old and been around the party scene so long that I've got multiple rave/nicknames... and because of this, the team thought it would be a good idea to just start calling me AKA.  And since I didnt have a glove set of my own... I was told to...

Alchemy Glove Set

$ 44.95

When the right Glover meets the perfect glove set, what emerges from the combination is nothing short of magical. The Alchemy Glove set will be one more amazing tool in your arsenal for your conjuring needs. The Alchemy Glove set also premieres the debut of Team Vivid's newest member, Vivid Mushu. Watch this up-and-coming Glover as he creates magic! Colors:...

Aqua Tiger Glove Set

$ 44.95

Team [LA] Slimz chose the name for this glove set and you can see where he gets it from... if you pay close attention to our background, it looks like tiger stripes!

Arcane Glove Set

$ 44.95

This glove set is built with the following: 4 x PiBWw3-Color Strobe(Index & Ring Fingers) 4 x BPurpWw2-Color Strobe (Middle & Pinky Fingers) Optional Thumbs: Blue Solid EVO-X Team Vivid Mage takes it back old school with some classic colors and pairs it up with new school chips! These colors don't ever get old. Note: We highly recommend upgrading to EVO-X Micromax...

ArcLite Custom Glove Set

$ 44.95

Get creative! Choose from an extensive variety of different LED color combinations and modes like 1-color, 2-color, 3-color, 6-color, or 7-color strobes!  Further enhance your light show technique and style with multi-mode chips like our exclusive 5-Mode EVO-X chip! Thumbs are optional but highly recommended for impact moves!   ArcLite Casing / Housing Overview:  


ArcLite Galaxy Glove Set

$ 69.95 $ 49.95

ArcLite Galaxy Glove Set This is for a full 10-Light glove set with new batteries with the housings and gloves of your choice. The new ArcLite Galaxy chip is one of our newest chips which was designed to be used in our Galaxy Orbit. However, after using them inside a glove set we realized the modes work well for a glove light show too! There...


ArcLite Simplicity Glove Set

$ 49.95 $ 34.95

ArcLite Simplicity Glove Set This is for a full 10-Light glove set with new batteries with the housings and gloves of your choice. The new ArcLite Simplicity chip is one of our newest chip which was designed to be the most affordable programmable glove set on the market which features memory and brightness control! Based on our Intensity chips, this new chip will give...